PS5: Sony takes action against faceplate dealers

Sony forces the dealer "Customize my Plates" to give up. Like the shop opposite Video Games Chronicle explains, he had to stop the production and sale of faceplates for PS5. The reason: According to the dealer, Sony threatened to take legal action if necessary. Therefore, all pre-orders are canceled and customers get their money back. Users could buy colorful side covers for the PlayStation 5 through the shop. Sony had shown in a teardown video that the faceplates on the PS5 can be removed in a few simple steps.

"Customize my Plates" saw this as an opportunity to offer individual faceplates in different colors. Customers could have exchanged the white covers for faceplates in other colors, including red, blue and black, for the equivalent of just under 35 euros. It is possible that Sony sees a patent infringement in the side covers. "We are of course extremely disappointed about it, but currently see no other option than to cancel the pre-orders and stop selling," said the dealer in a statement. Before that, the shop had to give up its previous name "" after pressure from Sony; then he started under Customize my plates.

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The shop has now removed the side covers for the PS5 from its website. Customize my Plates currently only offers skins for controllers and consoles, which can be used to cover the housing. That other third-party providers will soon have faceplates for the PlayStation 5 (buy now ) offer, should be rather unlikely given the current case. For the market launch on November 19, Sony will initially only be selling the PS5 in a white and black shade. It is possible that further color variants will follow at a later date. We will keep you up to date in our news area.

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