With the PS5, the new Sony console has been available since November 19th. Despite the new console, Sony wants to continue to hold on to the PlayStation 4, as PlayStation boss Jim Ryan emphasized in a recent interview with Edge. There will also be games that appear exclusively for the PS5. The support of the PS4 is still important. The company has a responsibility to the large community and wants to continue to develop great games for the console. The PS4 has sold more than 100 million times worldwide.

As long as there is demand, there should continue to be games for PS4. "Also, I think you'll see the PS4 tail longer than the PlayStation 3," added Ryan. Upcoming blockbusters like Horizon: Forbidden West (second half of 2021) are available for both PS4 and PlayStation 5 (buy now ) announced. Ryan adds that development especially for PlayStation 5 will come to the fore over time – and that the console will eventually replace the PS4.

A mix of cross-gen and exclusive PS5 titles can therefore be expected in the coming years. Last said Hideaki Nishino from Sony Interactive entertainment similar on this topic. According to the information, the transition from PS4 to PS5 will take around three years. The Demand for the PS5 is huge: fans are currently waiting for subsequent deliveries to the dealers. Sony plans to deliver more consoles to retailers in December. Only yesterday the Buy PS5 from selected retailers – The stocks were sold out within a very short time.

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Buy PS5: The PlayStation 5 can be ordered again from individual retailers today. We have all the information.

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