Anyone who knows the games in the Dark Souls series knows that you can leave notes and notes for other players there. This leads, for example, to getting tips or falling into traps. Sony could plan such a system for all PS5 games.

Sony could introduce an interesting feature

The patent revolves around allowing players to place information within games. This includes text messages, pictures and also audio clips. These should be able to be placed in certain play areas or as part of events. Anyone who fears that they will be spammed with tons of messages in the future, including spoilers or even insults, can rest assured. Should such a system come, Sony will introduce filter functions. You can then decide which messages you read and what content is displayed to you.

The system should differ a little from that used in the Dark Souls games. You will be able to write your texts more freely and in greater detail and not be limited to just a few words. This should mean that players are not confused by messages, but can read exactly what the author means. Sony would like to use this feature – if it really comes down to it – to promote social interaction. It is an extension of the game help function of the PS5 (buy now ) with which you can get tips and hints for games in real time. In addition, it is likely to promote streamers, who are then allowed to leave their mark on the games. But it is not yet certain whether the feature will really come.

Source: GamesRadar

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