The PS5 has arrived in our editorial office: After the first photos and an unboxing of the Digital Edition, we want to send you snapshots of the PlayStation 5 model with Blu-ray drive that we received today for testing purposes. In the photos in the gallery below you can see both versions of the new Sony console. At 39 x 9.2 x 26 centimeters, the Digital Edition is slightly narrower than the PS5 with drive (39 x 10.4 x 26 centimeters). A size comparison shows the PlayStation 5 with other consoles – the PS5 is the largest console that Sony has released so far.

PS5: Digital (left) and Blu-ray model (right)

PS5: Digital (left) and Blu-ray model (right) (1) (Source: PC Games)

We will only be able to present you with further impressions of the PlayStation 5 at a later date. Detailed performance tests, information on the new features and of course test impressions of the games will follow soon. We are also preparing comprehensive videos with all the information – keep ours YouTube channel at a glance. We have many more reports about the PlayStation 5 ready for you in our news area. For example, we recently reported on a new video function for the trophies: the console records a short clip to unlock a trophy, which records the moment when the trophy was received.

The new console will be released on November 19th in Germany and on November 12th in the USA. The PS5 cannot be pre-ordered at the moment: Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan promises that the publisher will work hard so that the console will be sufficiently available in the upcoming shopping season. A guarantee that everyone who wants to buy the PlayStation 5 on launch day will find one of the new consoles, however, cannot be given.

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PS5: Trailer for the DualSense controller for PlayStation 5

Also popular with PC games readers PS5: Another PS4 game after the update with significantly reduced loading times "src ="

PS5: Another PS4 game after the update with significantly reduced loading times

Shortly before the release of the PS5, individual PS4 games will receive new updates: A patch for Tearaway Unfolded will reduce loading times.   Playstation: 300 platinum trophies a year "src ="

PS5: New feature for trophy hunters – PlayStation 5 saves trophy clips

Sony announced a major overhaul of the trophy system for the PS5. More news will follow now.

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