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News from the direction of Sony: We still do not know what the Playstation 5 looks like or when the PS5 will be released, but there are impressions of the Playstation 5 controller Dualsense, the logical development of the Dualshock 4 controller. Find out more here.

The look of Sony's new Playstation 5 is as much a mystery as an exact release date for the PS5. It is no longer a secret what the new controller for the Playstation 5 looks like, which has been named Dualsense and, according to the designers, is the logical further development of the popular Dualshock 4 controller. On the Playstation blog, the people of Sony have now published pictures and details about the Playstation 5 input device and the dual sense controller surprises with a mixed color of white and black and a much more visible position for the light bar. Here you can see the published pictures.

Playstation 5: The new dual sense controller in pictures and details (1) (Source: PlayStation Blog)

What can Dualsense do that Dualshock 4 cannot? Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management, can best tell this in his own words: "(…) we have introduced haptic feedback that can create a variety of impressive sensations, such as the feeling driving through a mud with a car. In addition, we have integrated adaptive triggers into the L2 and R2 buttons of the DualSense so that you can really feel the power behind your actions – for example when tensioning an arch, to shoot an arrow. " In other words, there is more and more different feedback that the controller gives you during the game than before. The controller should also feel smaller than it actually looks; For this purpose, the optimal position for trigger buttons and triggers were determined and adjusted accordingly, and the angles of the hand triggers changed.

Dualsense is said to have a battery life similar to that of Dualshock 4, while work is continuing to reduce the weight of the controller. "As far as the buttons are concerned, you will surely notice that there is no longer a" Share "button, as was the case with DualShock 4. But don't worry, the function has not disappeared. Tied on button to offer you a whole new function with the "Create" button: With Create we are once again pioneering for players who can use it to create epic gameplay content, share it with the whole world or just enjoy it themselves You will receive details about this function as soon as the publication approaches ", the designers promise. Another feature is an integrated microphone arrangement that allows you to chat with your friends even without a headset – but headphones and microphone are probably better for longer conversations. All information about You can also find Dualsense on the Playstation blog.

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