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In the meantime, other games are known for which the transfer of the Save Games to the PS5 will not work. Codemasters has revealed that this will be the case with the racing game DiRT 5. But at least you can use the routes you created yourself.

A few days ago we reported that some games might have been upgraded from the PS4 to the PS5 version for free will not be able to take over the score. The action adventure Yakuza: Like A Dragon, for which the responsible team Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has already confirmed this fact, served as a concrete example. But there are other titles to which this limitation applies.

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This is what the publisher Codemasters recently did Reported to speak via Twitter. According to his statement, it will not be possible for the racing game DiRT 5 to transfer the progress made previously from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5 (buy now ) to transfer. This includes the Save Games as well as unlocked trophies and in-game currency. After all, you can take over your creations from the playground mode.

A similar restriction awaits you with the action game Maneater, of which the developers are also offering a free PS5 upgrade. But even here you cannot take your progress from the PlayStation 4, so that all progress will be lost.

It remains to be seen whether and which games will also appear on this list in the next few days and weeks. At least the action adventure Spider-Man: Miles Morales is said to be a laudable exception, as the responsible development studio Insomniac Games recently announced via Twitter.

Source: Twitter, official website

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