In contrast to other manufacturers who rely on rechargeable batteries, Xbox is still using batteries for its controllers. You can find out why that is from us.

Xbox Series X

Xbox controller: a deal with Duracell?

The DualShock and the DualSense from PlayStation have been using built-in rechargeable batteries for years – but with Xbox, AA batteries have been required since the Xbox 360. The exchangeable own batteries could be a possibility for Microsoft to earn some extra money, but that was never the official reason. Sources report that Xbox and Duracell a special agreement hit.

In an interview with Stealth Optional Duracell UK Marketing Manager Luke Anderson said:

“There has always been this partnership between Duracell and Xbox … It's a constant agreement. that the OEM supplies the battery product for the Xbox consoles as well as the controller battery. So this will be persist for a while. "

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Microsoft denies the whole thing

It is true that Xbox and Duracell have appeared together in marketing projects, but reports suggest that the partnership is forcing Microsoft to use batteries instead of built-in rechargeable batteries. According to Xbox, this is not the case, they are more oriented towards the Wishes of the buyer.

“We are deliberately offering consumers a choice of battery solutions for our standard Xbox wireless controllers. This includes the use of any brand of AA batteries, the Xbox battery, charging solutions from our partners or a USB-C cable that can power the controller when it is connected to the console or PC, ”says Microsoft .

This controller also requires two AA batteries. These are included.

Xbox Wireless Controller Robot White "src ="

Xbox Wireless Controller Robot White

In one Digital Foundry Interview with Microsoft veteran Jason Ronald, partner director of program management at Xbox, the company discussed last year its decision to return to using AA batteries in its Xbox Series S / X controllers, while the competition is using rechargeable batteries by default.

“When you talk to the players, it's kind of polarization and there is a strong camp that really wants AA batteries. So flexibility is the way to get both satisfy … you can use a rechargeable battery and it works the same as the Elite, it's a separate thing, ”said Ronald.

Xbox has a lot in tow again in January.

If a recent survey Believe it or not, Microsoft might be considering changing the proven controller. In the survey, which comes from Microsoft itself, gamers are asked whether they “know the functions of the PlayStation controllers” and whether they would like these functions to be included in future models.

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