You have until April 5th to take part in the PS Plus Challenge to win a PS5, among other things.

So join in

In the games Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Remnant: From the Ashes for PS4 and Farpoint for PS VR, there is a total of 15 trophies to collect. So not 15 pieces in each game, but in all three together. It doesn't matter what kind of trophies they are. So it doesn't matter whether you bag bronze, silver, gold or platinum. Once you've downloaded the three PS Plus games of March, you can play them in a relaxed manner and collect the trophies that you basically get in the regular round anyway.

If you already own and have played one of the games, the achievements that you have already unlocked will be added to the challenge. So you don't have to start all over again. If you have the 15 achievements together, you will automatically receive three avatars. You will also get access to the PS5 competition. You can take part in this via the Playstation app. If you meet the requirements and have collected the necessary trophies, you can use the app to take part in the competition.

It seems like only a single Playstation 5 (buy now ) to be raffled. That means you need a lot of luck. But if you play the PS Plus title of March anyway and collect the achievements in the process, then you can register for the competition. Maybe the lucky fairy will be on your side and you'll soon have one Playstation 5. Because currently the current console from Sony is hardly available on the regular route anyway.

Source: Playstation blog via Gamepro



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