Were you able to secure a Playstation 5? Are you already playing with her? Or are you still waiting for delivery? After the PS5 went on sale in Europe on November 19th, quite a few players are now really angry.

Well, where is the PS5?

In Germany in particular, some are still waiting for their PS5 to be delivered. Because although they ordered them in September from Media Markt or Saturn and some of them paid for them in advance, it is not certain when the consoles will be delivered. The status of the orders indicates that the console has already been paid for, but it has not yet been shipped. That makes a lot of people angry. After all, they had reserved early, paid and are now looking into the tube. Media Markt and Saturn have already stated that there may be delays.

Anyone who was able to order a PS5 from Otto yesterday, November 19, might also have had bad luck. Because this morning there were cancellations. According to Otto, the shop system still allowed orders, although all copies were already sold. Payments were also accepted and will now be refunded in the coming days. All in all, this is a very unsatisfactory situation for buyers who have expressed their displeasure about Twitter with the hashtag # Where staysMyPS5 Air.

In other countries it doesn't look any better. From England, for example, there are reports that packages were delivered to pre-orders from Amazon, but they did not contain any PS5 consoles. Instead, the amazed shoppers had to make do with cat food, foot massage devices, groceries or hot air fryers, like on Resetera you can see. Amazon has already apologized and is trying to clarify what happened here.

The whole situation around the pre-order of the Playstation 5 (buy now ) and their delivery thus ended in chaos, which leaves quite a few players disappointed and angry.

Source: Twitter

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