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In a few months, the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft should come onto the market with PS5 and Xbox Series X. Fans are still eagerly waiting for the prices and the exact release dates to be announced. Microsoft has now at least confirmed the launch month: The Xbox One successor is due to hit the market in November. The company does not appear to be ready for the publication of further details, according to Xbox UK marketing chief Samuel Bateman on Twitter.

Sony and Microsoft are preparing the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X respectively: The new consoles are due to hit the market at the end of the year. After all: Microsoft has now confirmed that the Xbox One successor will hit the market in November. The company has not yet given a specific release date. A price for the new Xbox Series X is also not available. The same applies to the Xbox Series S: It is now almost certain that the cheaper model will come – the console is already mentioned next to the Xbox Series X on current Xbox Game Pass promo cards. The model has not yet been officially presented by Microsoft.

The fact that neither exact dates nor prices are set around three months before the release of the new consoles causes displeasure among many players. Microsoft currently does not seem to be ready to give the final key data for the Xbox Series X, according to a recent tweet from Xbox UK Marketing Director Samuel Bateman on Twitter. When a fan commented that gamers should slowly know how much to pay for the new consoles, Bateman replied, "I know that everyone is eagerly awaiting these details and wants to know how much they have to budget for the purchase. We will let you know as soon as we are ready. "

It therefore remains to be seen at what time Microsoft will finally provide the missing information. Sony is also reluctant: How much the PS5 will cost to launch is still unknown. In the past few days, the publisher showed its first commercials – and thus once again the most important features of the PlayStation 5. The company continues to keep information on price and date a secret. It was recently suspected that further details will finally follow in September. It remains to be seen whether the rumors will come true. As soon as prices and dates for PS5 and Xbox Series X are known, the new consoles should finally be able to be pre-ordered. (buy now € 59.00 )

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