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A new entry by Sony has appeared in the US Patent and Trademark Office, which indicates a new function for PSVR 2. Accordingly, the makers are probably thinking about gesture control for the next VR headset. In the future, user interfaces could be controlled by wiping movements and other actions.

It is now an open secret that Sony is probably also working on a new PlayStation VR model in addition to the PlayStation 5. No official details about the VR headset have been released yet, but there have always been new rumors about PSVR 2 in the past few months patent emerged that could introduce a new function of the future VR glasses.

It is gesture control that allows players to control the user interface by moving their hands. This means that different menus could be operated even without a controller. In the patent itself, entries are already shown with a fist or by wiping movements. In addition to use in VR, the new technology from Sony should also be possible with AR. So far it remains unclear whether the patent with the gesture control will actually be accommodated in the PSVR headset. Sony is also unlikely to comment on this for the time being.

We last reported on PSVR 2 in May. At the time, rumors were about several models of the new VR headset. There was talk of an entry-level model and a high-end version that even works without cables. A few months ago, Sony officials also confirmed that the current version of PlayStation VR will also be compatible with the PS5. An upgrade is probably not a requirement at first.

Source: Patent and Trademark Office

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