PSVR: AAA VR game from first-party studio in progress

of Andreas Bertits
Sony continues to stick to virtual reality. A first-party studio in Manchester is currently looking for employees to work on a large AAA VR game.

Possibly the great interest in Valve's VR game Half-Life: Alyx has contributed to the fact that Sony is now involved in a large AAA game for Playstation VR is working. In any case, a first-party studio in Manchester is looking for new employees.

VR fans can look forward to

We are looking for programmers, artists and level designers for a not yet announced game project, which is a title for Playstation VR. It is not known whether the game uses a well-known brand or is something completely new. However, one can assume that it will appear for the Playstation 5 – and of course the PSVR headset is required. Furthermore, the release of the game should be expected in a few years.

However, Sony shows that virtual reality continues to play a role. After all, a new PSVR headset for the Playstation 5 should also appear. With Half-Life: Alyx and this new AA game project, the VR area is back on track. We can only hope that the games will be well received when they appear.

Source: GamesRadar

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