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In 2005, the talented telekinetician Raz embarked on insane adventures in the twisted brains of other people for the first time in the 3D platformer Psychonauts. With its crazy humor and detailed levels, the plumber's adventure has long been a cult. In 2020, the supernatural secret agents should finally return in a sequel to the classic after long years of waiting. Microsoft's takeover of the indie developer studio Double Fine should provide the necessary financial support.

The development process of Psychonauts 2 seemed like a roller coaster ride for the waiting fans. Since the first announcement in 2015, there have been small snippets of the game to be admired and Double Fine Studios kept the rumors about the planned sequel alive with sporadic announcements. However, they kept postponing the release date and the money became scarce despite crowdfunding. In 2019, Microsoft finally took over the indie studio and Double Fine became part of Xbox Game Studios. The associated financial support now gives hope that the platform will still appear as planned this year.

There are rumors that significant cuts that were made due to the financial situation of the game are not necessary. For example, Psychonauts 2 is supposed to get back his boss fights that were actually cut out of the game. Tim Schafer, the head of the developer studio, speaks positively about his collaboration with Microsoft and Xbox Games and raves about the fact that the platform can now be developed more beautifully and extensively than originally thought. Even after the takeover by a large corporation, Schafer wants to preserve the indie character of his work – so nothing should change in the ever-popular weird humor of Psychonaut, which helped the cult part of the first part.

How fruitful this collaboration between Microsoft and Double Fine is in the end and whether the charm of the small production studio can be preserved will only really become clear in the finished product: Psychonauts 2 (buy now for 69.99 €) is expected to be released this year for PC, Xbox and PS4.

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Psychonauts 2 finally lets us slip into the skin of telekinesis talent Raz. At E3 2019 we saw gameplay from the game for the first time

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