The milkman’s milk tastes delicious. Not everyone knows. But you should! Because that’s just one of many great moments from Psychonauts that you won’t forget anytime soon. Psychonauts, this cult game that hardly anyone wanted 16 years ago, but then became more and more popular over time. Today it is rightly considered one of the best games in Tim Schafer’s not exactly small portfolio. No matter what the man has been doing since then, be it delivering the underrated Brütal Legend or Turn the Kickstarter upside down overnight – he had to put up with this one agonizing question over and over again: when, when Psychonauts 2 is finally coming? We recently knew: On August 25, 2021, the sequel is in the starting blocks, the game will appear simultaneously on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PS4 / PS5.

But can it even live up to the high expectations? How do you develop a direct sequel to a 16 year old game without losing the charm and idiosyncrasies that made the original great? And how do you continue a story after such a long time that only starts a few days after the first part? In our big preview video we show you what we experienced in our preview version.

The version contained the complete introduction to the story including the first two levels, and we could also play the first part in the Psychonauts headquarters. After that, our version jumped into two later thought levels, in which the game scores with crazy level design, humorous platformer sections and greatly improved battles. Our first impression: Not a revolution, but “just” a real sequel that builds on all the strengths of the predecessor and has been improved in every respect.

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The story is also very charmingly linked to the first part and the VR offshoot Rhombus of Ruin. If the finished version remains on a similar level to the preview version, we will have exactly the sequel that Psychonauts fans had wanted for so many years.

Psychonauts 2 (buy now 69,99 € ) will be released on August 25th for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles.

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