from Karsten Scholz
On the public test server of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic there was a very entertaining, but also – with a view to the live server – critical bug that made players swim through the air, even in dungeons and raids.

When a few days ago the Phase 2 content from WoW: Burning Crusade Classic landed on the public test server, I of course went straight to the PTR version of Outland with my characters to run through the various dealers for you and check some details.

The first surprise wasn’t a feature, but a funny bug: When I stepped through the portal from Shattrath in the direction of Orgrimmar, I was suddenly able to swim through the air – similar to the gravity loss phase in the fight against Kael’thas. So I swam in the direction of the zeppelin, because I wanted to stop by the dealers in Karazhan, parked myself lost in thought on the wrong airship, only to realize it at the last moment and to swim on the right zeppelin while flying away. No gravity ftw!

As funny as this bug sounds, it would of course have a critical effect on the live server. We are already noticing that, as there are so many Bots with their flying hacks just bypass all dangerous groups in dungeons. Skip all the bosses in the snake shrine and swim to Vashj? That would no longer be a problem.

In addition, the players on the PTR quickly found out how to trigger the bug in a targeted manner: Simply approach a portal on a flight mount in Shattrath and then click on that portal in the air. The streamer Crix has something like that in this video tried out:

The good news: Blizzard fixed the bug today. From now on, the PTR visitors have to move around Azeroth on horseback again. If only they removed the bots with their flying hacks …

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