Publisher 2K announces new studio

For a long time it was quiet around the BioShock franchise. Likewise, it was unclear who would ever work on a continuation of the popular game series. All the more gratifying is the fact that 2K has now officially announced the work on a new part.

Hard to believe, but the release of BioShock: Infinite is already almost seven years ago! In the first two parts we were still in the underwater world Rapture rumged, so we were in the third part shipped to the flying city of Columbia. Where will the next offshoot of the BioShock series take us?

So far no Bioshock played? We tested the last part extensively:

The answer to this question is currently probably just the studio called Cloud Chamber know. This was only recently announced by publisher 2K, Cloud Chamber will build its team at two different locations – one in Novato, California and another in Montreal, Quebec. In addition, the Work on a new BioShock game already started to have.

According to the newly founded studio, most of the staff are also experienced BioShock developers, which definitely gives hope for a worthy successor. At the same time the studio exists as such but not for long. Thus, a release of BioShock 4 in the next one to two years is probably rather unrealistic. What's the name of it? Good things take time.

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Are you already familiar with the BioShock series and happy about this news? What do you think, where the journey is going this time? What would your wishes be for the upcoming part of the series? Let us know in the comments.