Publisher comments on the current advertising shitstorm

Just yesterday we reported on how a newly introduced ad in the basketball game NBA 2K21 is heating up the hearts of fans. Since there is no way to cancel the advertising and it hinders the flow of the game, a big shit storm broke out. The publisher 2K Games has now spoken out to take a stand. Accordingly, the publisher apologizes for the manner in which it was placed, but not for the advertising itself.

"As many of you should be aware, advertising has been integrated into 2KTV segments in the past few years. Yesterday's placement of the 2KTV advertising affected the experience of our players in a way that was not intended by us. This advertising should not actually run as part of the pre-game introduction. This will be addressed in future episodes. Thank you for your continued feedback. "

Thus, 2K Games is basically sticking to in-game advertising in 2K Sports games, but will in future pay more attention to the segments in which they will be seen. The wording also suggests that there is unlikely to be any improvement in the current case of NBA 2K21 in the foreseeable future (buy now € 86.69 ) is to be expected. It is good to know that criticism from within the community does not go unheard. However, this should not necessarily calm the currently heated mood.

How do you feel about the controversial topic of in-game advertising? Can you live with these types of fade-ins or should they disappear from the games entirely? Discuss in our comments section!

Source: Twitter

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