The first physical PS5 game leaves the factory and is proudly presented to the public. The players are now freaking out on Twitter, but differently than expected for other reasons.

PlayStation 5

Godfall is the first PS5 game to come in the sleeve

Gearbox CEO proudly presents a copy of Godfall on Twitter, just like Oskar. The special thing about it: According to him, it is the first PlayStation 5 game that is freshly pressed as physical box was created:

For the first time, players see real details on the case and that Inner workings a PS5 box. Several specifications and also the Blu-Ray can be examined closely. In doing so, the players discover a detail that annoys them and tarnishes the joy of the game cover.

The terrible “no offline mode” label

It was only recently announced that even in the game's single-player mode it would be necessary to have one constant internet connection to own. Now this is confirmed again with the label on the game cover from Godfall. You can read on it "No offline mode" (in German: No offline mode).

This angered the fans again and the desired joy for the posting did not materialize. Players with a poor internet connection are therefore excluded from the fun of the game and also the allegations about a hidden one Service game get loud.

In addition to the criticism of the online debacle, that works Feedback about the design of the game cover and content almost below. A Twitter user thinks that the new layout could be confused with the PS4 game case because it doesn't stand out enough.

Godfall is part of the launch title for the PlayStation 5. Check out this series of pictures which games you can still play when the console is released:

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The first real pictures of the PlayStation 5 game case did not go down so well with the fans. The scandal surrounding Godfall's lack of offline mode has more than tarnished the actually happy event. On November 19 at the latest, players can put their hands on the new PS5 game cases for the first time, when the next-gen console will appear.

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