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Guardian Druids are flying a tiny bit under the radar with all the attention demon hunters are getting right now. In the raids of WoW, however, they are among the most powerful tanks. This has now been proven by a group that only consisted of bears managed to make Castle Nathria in heroic mode.

Patch 9.1 is still a long time coming in WoW – and with it the second raid of Shadowlands: the sanctum of rule. However, since many groups are already through with Schloss Nathria, they are currently looking for other challenges. This includes not only the successes in WoW (this is how you do the glory of the raider of Nathria), but also the defeating of Count Denathrius with rather crude combinations of play styles and classes. Such a raid is probably also a raid, which only consists of one style of play – for example, of druids.

  • Pure Guardian Druid Raid defeat all heroic bosses in Castle Nathria.

While a pure druid raid would not be surprising, as the druids are known to be able to take on all four roles in the game (tank, healer, ranged and melee), a raid made up only of guardian druids is quite remarkable. Because there is not only a lack of healers, but also damage distributors. And anyone who has already been to Castle Nathria knows that not only a lot of healing, but also a lot of DpS is necessary, especially with the rear bosses.

So it should come as no surprise that the final boss Denathrius in particular was only just barely defeated. If the fight had lasted a few seconds longer, the group would have failed. Through a well-timed use of the convocation of the spirits (most of the druids belonged to the Nachtfae), which can be used both for damage and also for healing, as well as the druid talent Heart of the Wild, all important sticking points of the battles were achieved become. The earlier bosses in the raid, on the other hand, were defeated by the pure bear raid a few weeks ago.

You can find the logs here some bosses, including the final boss Count Denathrius.
You can find the videos here all heroic bosses defeated by the bear raid.

Which crude class combinations have you already experienced in Schloss Nathria? Four times the same healer, a good dozen magicians, or one of the world’s three remaining survival hunters?

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