A new controller for the Xbox One is asking you to checkout with a price that is insane. Is it worth it?

Xbox One X

The price is hot for the new controller for Xbox One X.

Shortly before the release of the Xbox Series X and S on November 10th, Microsoft hits another one enormously expensive controller for the old generation of consoles. Who should buy it? Probably collectors and “The Mandalorian” fans. The good piece is on the one hand limited to 5,000 copies and on the other hand designed entirely in the style of the “Star Wars” spin-off. Whereby perhaps even the greatest “Baby Yoda” enthusiasts wouldn't turn around to look at this controller twice.

For a proud 190 euros this creation can be yours:

A little baby Yoda got lost on the back.

Aside from the questionable look and the daunting price tag, the controller has a few really useful functions. This is because it is wireless and comes in a set with a charging stand.

So far, so normal. What makes charging a lot easier, however, is a magnetic contact system through which the charging stand even when playing on the controller can hang without disturbing. Also, the handles are textured for a firmer grip and the buttons can be custom assigned. The range of the controller should also be twice as high.

Are you still looking for the controller that suits you perfectly? Our photo gallery may help:

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Despite the great technology, 190 euros is a lot of money. What do you think of the look of the "Baby Yoda" controller? Reaching the toilet or a stylish homage to the series? Write us in the comments!

Nathan Navrotzki
Nathan Navrotzki, GIGA expert.

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