of Philipp Sattler
It is actually the task of the tanks in WoW to take the beating of the opponents so that the own group can deal damage unhindered. The latter can also do quite well at the moment and keeping yourself alive doesn't seem to be a problem either. And so a group consisting of five tanks managed to complete the mythical dungeon at level 18 within the time limit.

The fact that some tanks in mythical dungeons can drive almost as much DpS as a well-equipped damage exporter is now well known. Warriors in particular have a reputation for bringing enormous numbers to the display of Recount, Skada or details. From the stand, it is hardly surprising that a group of tanks can get through a mythical dungeon reasonably well even without a damage handler. But the fact that it can also be done without a healer is much more interesting. And that is exactly what five players in the Dungeon Free Port have now proven – and that at level 18. Here, some healers have problems keeping their tanks alive.

If you think of five warriors or five death knights, you are on the wrong track. The group has found a good mix of two warriors, a paladin, a death knight and a demon hunter. They have divided the threat between them as far as possible and demonstrated maximum self-healing. In addition, they have always played bosses and more dangerous trash mobs back and forth between them to get the maximum effect from their defensive skills and cooldowns. In addition, they always had time to slowly but surely heal themselves up with different essences or perks.

Usually we wouldn't find it particularly exciting to complete a five tank dungeon. But at level 18 this is already a decent announcement and shows the current strength of the front fighters in the group game quite clearly. Consider how many groups, even in the right combination, still have serious problems with dungeons of this level. Or how do you see it – remarkable performance or everyday madness?

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