from Johannes Gehrling
Major events in 2020? Probably not. Due to the ongoing acute global coronavirus pandemic, numerous events have already been canceled, as was the case with the E3 a few months ago. So far it was unclear what is with the EGX, the event took place on German soil last year in November. Now those responsible have spoken out and announced a purely digital online EGX for September.

The Cancellation wave of major events due to the corona virus pandemic, it doesn't stop at the gaming world. For example, a few months ago the operators of E3 canceled what was probably the most relevant trade fair in the industry. Gamescom will not take place this year in Cologne on the exhibition grounds as usual, instead a purely online event is planned for the same period. Google I / O, which has already taken place, was also completely moved to the Internet this year, as was the annual Apple event WWDC with a large keynote presentation in June. Many small and medium-sized events are also affected. That also applies to the EGX 2020.

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As in the previous two years, the event was actually planned in two parts: one event in London, one in Berlin. The trade fair was held for the first time in 2008 in London as the "Eurogamer Expo". This year, however, the EGX will be held digitally online from September 12th to 20th, 2020around the clock on nine days.

Media such as VG247, Dicebreaker, Eurogamer, US Gamer and others participated in this. The online event, like the "right" trade fair, should also offer fans exciting developer sessions, panels, game demos, competitions, indie titles, online meetings and much more. Further information on the so-called "EGX Digital" will be announced in the coming weeks.


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