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The developers of New World wrote to the community in a public letter and talked about the basic vision for their game. The MMO should therefore combine PvP and PvE in such a way that both systems coexist and complement each other.

The developers of the Amazon MMORPG New World have turned to the community in the midst of the current alpha phase and in one official letter to the fans explained their vision for the game. The bottom line: New World should offer players a world in which "PvP and PvE play styles not only coexist, but complement each other".

Players of both types of gameplay should benefit from each other. New World wants to do that (buy now for € 39.99) offer a range of systems to support this: factions, crafting, the city projects, wars, corrupted breaks, influence, missions and invasions. This should develop different styles of play, which also complement each other and can play together in the long term through the PvE and PvP players.

Open World Loot PvP should not come back

New World offers PvP players better rewards through more risk. In this way, PvE players should also have a reason to deal with PvP. The developers are currently trying out different variants of this reward system to find out what works best. However, the developers do not want to reintroduce the "Open World Full Loot PvP". Such game content has been frustrating for many players in the past. In addition, "Open World Full Loot PvP" runs counter to the idea of ​​PvE coexisting and complementary, the developers say.

We want to know from you: What do you think about the state of New World and the idea of ​​how PvP and PvE should work together? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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