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PvP in Fallout 76 is such a thing. If you do not want to participate, you do not have to. However, PvP players have now found a way to kill the "pacifists" in the game.

Although PvP lovers can each in Fallout 76 attacking, but who does not agree to the PvP, takes little damage from the attacks. As a result nobody needs to be forced to operate PvP.

PvP players turn off pacifists

Of course, "Griefer" and "Ganker", as players are called, who want to annoy others with PvP, are always looking for ways to harm their fellow players. And they have in Fallout 76 (Buy now for 60.92 €) now also discovered a possibility.

In the game it is possible to make a nuclear mine. If a player who has not agreed to use PvP steps on it, the explosion will not kill him, but he will be harmed by the radioactive contamination that the mine also triggers. This can even lead to the virtual death of the character. It is not easy to make the mine because the raw materials are rare. However, due to a duplication bug, players can currently produce many of these mines.

Griefer now exploit this exploit in the game to annoy pacifists with such mines and make them die from radioactivity. Bethesda has already announced that it will look into the problem and develop an update to prevent the exploit.

Source: MassivelyOP

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