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The developer studio TeamKill Media has announced some interesting details about the horror game Quantum Error for the PlayStation 5. Accordingly, Sony's NextGen console should definitely be the primary platform for development. The team also provided initial information on the season.

Only recently, TeamKill Media announced the horror game Quantum Error, which should appear for both the PlayStation 4 and the new PlayStation 5. However, Sony's NextGen console should definitely be in focus, so that there should be no compromises in favor of the older platform. According to current planning, concrete adjustments for the PS4 should only follow at a much later date. Dakoda and Micah Jones made that clear in an interview with GamingBold magazine recently.

"At the moment the focus is primarily on the PS5. Therefore, we calibrate everything for this platform first of all. We will only carry out the majority of the optimizations for the PS4 when we are nearing completion."

The team also commented for the first time on the approximate season of Quantum Error. According to the developers, it is currently still a bit early to be able to provide specific information in this regard. However, it will probably take between 15 and 20 hours before you will see the end of the horror game – depending on your playing style.

There is still no specific release date for Quantum Error. So far, it is only known that it will be released for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year. We are expecting a release in the second half of the year, of course we will stay on the ball for you.

Quantum Error: teaser trailer for the horror shooter for the PlayStation 5

Source: Interview with GamingBolt

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