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Could we get a kill bill Vol. 3? Director Quentin Tarantino does not rule this out. He even explains having an interesting idea for a possible sequel.

During an interview, Quentin Tarantino was asked if there was ever a Kill Bill Vol. 3 will give. The director is not so averse to the idea.

Kill Bill could go on

Tarantino commented on a new kill bill (buy now for 30,99 €): "I happened to have dinner with Uma Thurman yesterday, it was a wonderful evening, I have an idea what I would do, the concept is based on" What happened to the bride? "What would I want to do with this question ? "

According to him, the bride deserves more than a ridiculous adventure. But the idea that came to him is very interesting for him, Tarantino said. When could such a film be tackled? Quentin Tarantino said: "I would not do it for a while, it would not be in at least three years or so, but it's definitely in the 'ether'."

Currently, the director is pursuing many projects. He is writing a book, has written a play and a TV series and he is still talking about staging a Star Trek movie. What exactly he will do next, we'll see.

Source: GameSpot

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