The fight against the jailer goes into the next round with patch 9.1. In the gullet, the army of Zovaal marches up to defend its master and the mysterious island that hovers on the edge of his dark realm. But before we go to Korthia, we have to fight our way to the floating island. In order to master this challenge, we need the help of the Maldraxxi, who draw new strength after the return of their primus.

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Heroes of the Storm: The next battlefield and hero will be unveiled on Monday, June 4th, 2018

WoW: Quest series with Thrall and Draka in Patch 9.1 [Spoiler!] (2)

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Draka, the master strategist of the Necrolords

As long as the primus is trapped in Torghast, Baroness Draka leads the forces of the necrolords in patch 9.1. Hardly any other warrior has stood up for Maldraxxus and the Shadowlands as much as she does. Draka ended the civil war in Maldraxxus and united the forces of the Houses under the banner of the Immortal Army. And although the baroness devotes all her time and attention to her new task, in the throat she is catching up with her past again. Because in the midst of the chaos, Draka meets her prodigal son.

We wondered months ago if and when Thrall would meet his mother again. After all, the memory of their separation weighs heavily on both of them. The time has finally come in Patch 9.1! Draka and Thrall meet in Chapter 4 of the long quest line in which the Pacts bring the fight to the jailer’s doorstep. However, the venture quickly becomes a disaster. Finally, a heavily armed army of the damned opposes the League of Pacts. So it’s a good thing that Draka, as master strategist, takes over the scepter and secures the first area in the gullet with the necrolords. She also has an outstanding score to settle with the traitorous Baron Vyraz. He was responsible for the death of Margrave Krexxus and is fighting on the side of Helya in the throat.

The legacy of Draenor

In the throat, Draka meets her son Thrall (aka Go'el).  The memory of the fight in which she gave her life for her baby haunted her into the Darklands.

In the throat, Draka meets her son Thrall (aka Go’el). The memory of the fight in which she gave her life for her baby haunted her into the Darklands.

Source: Buffed

Of course, we will join Draka and the Necrolords in the fight against Byron Vyraz. But we’re not Draka’s only allies, Thrall wants to join us too. When the two of them meet for the first time, Draka doesn’t know that Thrall is her son. Thrall, on the other hand, is so moved that he doesn’t dare reveal his true identity. Shortly before the first battle, the two talk to each other. The dialogue texts have not yet been translated into German:

Baroness Draka: Vyraz hides within Desmotaeron. We will secure the area and summon the Zerekriss.
Thrall: Draka. . I’d like to join you on your mission.
Baroness Draka: You are the one they call Thrall, yes? I have heard of you. Come, then.

Draka and Thrall act as quest givers in the fight against the jailer. We have to do various tasks for them and support the Alliance of Pacts in dismantling a base in the gullet. Thrall sends us on a search for his ax Dra’gora, which he lost in the initial scenario of Shadowlands in the fight against Helya. Draka watches Thrall closely and asks about his armor. She realizes that Thrall is wearing the armor of Orgrim Doomhammer, the one-time family friend of Draka and Durotan.

Baroness Draka: I see you wear the armor of Orgrim Doomhammer.
Thrall: He left it to me as a gift. One of many he gave me.

Thrall: You were of the Frostwolf Clan in life, were you not?
Baroness Draka: I was. Their legacy will always be a part of mine.

Thrall: Dra’gora. It’s good to have it in hand again.
Baroness Draka: “Draenor’s Honor”. A fitting name for a worthy weapon

Even if Draka doesn’t move a face, she already suspects that she has something in common with Thrall. Thrall finally takes courage and tries to explain to Draka that he is her prodigal son. However, the baroness is so focused on the upcoming mission that she won’t let him speak.

Thrall: Draka, there is something you need to know. I am…
Baroness Draka: Focus on the mission. We’ll talk to you later.

Death to the traitor Vyraz!

Draka recognizes her son and addresses Thrall by his real name for the first time.

Draka recognizes her son and addresses Thrall by his real name for the first time.

Source: Buffed

When she is on the edge of the fortress Helgarde there is finally a showdown with Baron Vyraz and his patroness Helya. Vyraz reports that the Primus has returned and the rebellious Maldraxxi forces are outnumbered. He asks Helya to share her power with him, but the sea witch refuses. At this point the Primus of Maldraxxus appears and while the Necrolords keep the Mawbound in check, Draka puts an abrupt end to Vyraz.

Baron Vyraz: Our enemies approach, Helya. We need reinforcements!
Helya: Scared, Maldraxxi? The Jailer does not tolerate weakness in his ranks!
Baroness Draka: Vyraz! You will answer for what you did to Krexus!
Helya: Take my boon, Vyraz. You are outnumbered, after all!

The Primus: Strike, matron of wolves! Show them the heart of a Necrolord!
Baroness Draka: For Krexus! FOR AKAREK!
Baron Vyraz: No! I am… stronger! I cannot… lose!

As soon as Vyraz is defeated, we will return to our base. There we finally see Draka and Thrall get back together. For the time being, the two keep to themselves what exactly they are discussing. But we learn that Draka still recognizes Thrall as her son and even calls him by his real orc name!

Thrall: Draka, I…
Baroness Draka: Well fought… Go’el. Come, we will speak.

This ends the first meeting between mother and son and we are curious to see how their story will continue in Korthia. All we know from the test server so far is that Thrall accompanies us to the top of the Sanctum of Dominion (new raid in Patch 9.1) and even supports our heroes in the fight against Sylvanas. The finale of the story about Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream is still pending. If Thrall accompanies us through the tower from the start, then he will surely meet the soul of the tyrant. Will this reunion have a similarly happy ending?

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