Wizards of Coast wants the latest version of the Pen & Paper role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons modernize. Diversity, such as characters of different ethnicities, different beliefs, as well as sexual identities and orientations, continue to come to the fore, as the D&D community has also become increasingly diverse over time.

D&D is becoming more modern

D&D can look back on almost 50 years of history. A lot has changed in our society in 50 years and the publishing house Wizards of the Coast would like to take this into account. This also means that certain races in the fantasy worlds, such as the orcs and the drow, are revised to abolish stereotypes and to further develop their cultures. For example, in a longer statement on the publisher's side:

"We present Orcs and Drow in our new books" Eberron, in a new light: Rising from the Last War "and" Explorer's Guide to Wildemount "in a different light. In these books, Orcs and Drow are morally and culturally as complex as others Peoples, and we will continue this approach in future books by portraying all of the D&D peoples in a clear manner and making it clear that they are as free as people to decide who they are and what they do. "

In addition, past errors are to be corrected. This includes, for example, the presentation of the so-called Vistani in the adventure module "Curse of Strahd". There Ezmerelda appeared, which represented stereotypes of Roma culture. With changes, the Vistani will be presented differently in the future. In addition, adjustments to the abilities of certain races such as elves and dwarves are planned. So it says:

"Later this year, we’ll be releasing a product (not yet announced) that will give players the ability to customize their character’s origins, including the option to change the increase in skill stats that result from being an elf, is a dwarf or representative of one of the many other playable races of D&D. This option emphasizes that each person in the game is an individual with their own abilities. "

Wizards of Coast encourages all D&D players to express change requests or to report things that do not conform to a modern and open culture of diversity. In this way, role-playing should become a place where everyone can play and have fun, everyone should feel welcome. These changes could of course also affect upcoming D&D computer games such as Baldur's Gate 3.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

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