Even if you only put your cowboy hats on in single player, you know the Ku Klux Klan NPCs. In Red Dead Online multiplayer mode, there shouldn't be any if it weren't for the hackers: They steal the KKK-NPCs from the code and spam racist and sexist messages to the players. And that has been for far too long.

Red Dead Redemption 2

No, the headline doesn't lie: Rockstar has indeed done something about a few of the hackers and cheats in Red Dead Online, and that was damn important in this case. Players have been fetching themselves for several weeks Ku Klux Klan NPCs from the code, they spawn and appear on the screens of other texts such as "Message from Rockstar: Women are only good for sex." Extreme racist commentsthat I don't want to repeat here are also spam:

"I would not normally share that, but such posts appear more and more on Reddit and Discord: Will RockstarGames ever do anything against the modders who misuse the 'Rockstar message' text and spawn clan NPCs? "

About various Hacker programs these players could also have NPC models from the single player appear in multiplayer, which they took advantage of in the course of the KKK-NPCs. The hack is possible with all possible models – previously they had the servers flooded with two-headed skeletons.

As for the Ku Klux Klan spawns, so Rockstar Games actually responded and put a stop to it all: it seems since the last patch a few days ago no longer be able to transfer KKK NPCs to multiplayer. Nevertheless, remains Racism is unfortunately an issue in RDR2 Onlinethat also in Reddit forum is cut again and again.

In the course of the anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter, it is as interesting as it is sometimes depressing to see to what extent players in online games deal with the topic: During Red Dead Online's KKK spawns rather one throw sad light on the RDR2 multiplayer, players go to NBA 2K20 to demonstrate inGame with free Black Lives Matter skins.

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Red Dead Online has a long history of hacks and cheats behind, which is usually not dealt with immediately. At least in the case, the problem was solved within "only" a few weeks. After all.

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