The global Pokémon Day will take place on February 29, 2020. Niantic takes this date as an opportunity to feature both Pokémon Gengar and Nidorino as raid bosses in memory of the Pokémon Red and Fire Red / Leaf Green home screen. The two Pokémon wear small party hats on their heads to match the celebrations.

Players will receive five free raid passes for the event, which will take place on February 29, 2020 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. Gengar is in Tier 4 raids, you can find Nidorino in Tier 2 raids. Both Pokémon are also available as a shiny version including a party hat. So that your hunt for the two Pokémon is as successful as possible, we have the most important tips for you in a short guide to the event based on an article by Pokemongohub summarized.

Party hat Nidorino in Tier 2 raids: the best counterattacks

As a Tier 2 boss, Nidorino has hardly anything to oppose. You can single-handedly defeat the Pokémon, which has a Raid WP value of 7238 points. Nidorino is particularly sensitive to attacks of the type floor and psycho. So just bet on a team of ground and psycho-Pokémon with appropriate attacks that have an adequate level (30), and you shouldn't have any difficulty defeating Nidorino quickly. Examples include: Mewtwo, Rotomurf, Rihornior, Groudon, Psiana and Deoxys.

Nidorino has the following WP points if you catch it:

  • 743 to 796 without weather boost
  • 929 to 995 with weather boost (cloudy weather)

By the way: Both the normal, purple Nidorino and the blue Shiny Nidorino wear a party hat during the event.

Party Hat Gengar in Tier 4 Raids – The Best Counters

While you should have an easy game with Nidorino, you have to make a little more effort with Gengar – even if you can defeat the ghost Pokémon quite quickly with the right preparation and the support of one or two other players. Gengar has 33531 Raid WP and is a Pokémon of the double type spirit / poison sensitive to attacks of the types unlight, spirit, ground and psycho.

Gengar himself can use the following combinations of attacks in the raid:

  • Darkclaw (normal attack, ghost type) and haunted ball (charge attack, ghost type)
  • Burden (normal attack, ghost type) and mud bomb (charge attack, poison type)
  • Low blow (normal attack, unlight type) and focus blow (fight type)

You have the least fear of low impact and slush bombs, but you have to beware of burdens and spooky balls. The latter can still do even your best counterattacks. So that you still get the victory, it's best to rely on a team from the following Pokémon in the fight against Gengar:

  • Mewtwo (type Psycho) with confusion and psyschlag or psychokinesis
  • Giratina archetype (Psycho type) with dark claw and spooky ball
  • Darkrai (type Unlicht) with timpani and haunted ball

Alternatively, you can complement your team with the following useful counter Pokémon:

  • Latios (dragon / psycho type) with a buttock and psychokinesis
  • Metagross (steel / psycho type) with a butt joint and psychokinesis
  • Groudon (soil type) with mud shot and earthquake
  • Gengar (ghost / poison type) with dark claw or Schlecker and spooky ball
  • Galagladi (type Psycho / Kampf) or Guardevoir (type Psycho / Fee) with confusion and psychokinesis
  • Rihornior (floor type) with clay clamp and earthquake
  • Trikephalo (type unlight / dragon) with bite and dark aura
  • Despotar (rock / unlight type) with a bite and crunch

If you catch Gengar, it has the Schlecker (Spirit) and Psychokinesis (Psycho) attacks, as well as the following Fang WP values:

  • 1566 to 1644 without weather boost
  • 1985 to 2055 with weather boost (fog and cloudy weather).

By the way, Gengar also wears the party hat in both the normal and the shiny version.

We wish you much success in raiding and lots of shiny luck!

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