from Sara Petzold
Pokémon GO has two new features, one of which should particularly please players who have problems finding players for raids. You can soon send long-distance raid invitations to friends. There is also a new sticker system for gifts.

Niantic has announced two new features for Pokémon GO, which should particularly please those coaches who regularly use the friendship system in the game, but are often on the move as a single player: You can soon invite your friends to long-distance raids. You can also add special stickers to the gifts you send to your friends. We'll now tell you exactly how these two innovations work.

Long-distance raid invitations for friends

Finding companions for raid battles is sometimes quite difficult in Pokémon GO. In particular, players who live in the country often wait in vain for support with higher-level raids. Fights against legendary raid bosses therefore often take place without them.

This could change in the future, however, because Niantic will soon be able to invite friends into your raid lobby, regardless of how far away they are. The whole thing works in detail as follows:

  • Public and private raid lobbies will show you a + symbol.
  • If you tap on the symbol, you can invite up to five friends for the raid.
  • The invited friends will then see the invitation either on the "Nearby" screen or via a push message.
  • Your friends only need to use a raid pass when the fight begins, but not when entering the raid lobby.
  • It seems there is no limit to how far your friends can be from you. So you can probably also raid with friends on the other side of the world.

The feature is not yet available in the game, but should come "soon". Niantic says that the legendary Pokémon Reshiram will have left the Tier 5 raids again. Accordingly, we expect Niantic to activate the remote raid invitations in the second half of June 2020.

Personalize gifts with stickers

Niantic has also announced a sticker system that you can use to personalize gifts to your friends:

  • If the feature goes live, you will receive free stickers.
  • If you send a gift to a friend, you can click on the "Add sticker" button and stick a sticker on the gift.
  • There are five different stickers for the release, each sticker can be used once.
  • You will receive new stickers from gifts and you can buy some designs in the shop.

The sticker feature should also come into play "soon", but there is not yet a specific release date.

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