Raidboss Elegon can be tamed as a spirit beast

from Philipp Sattler
In the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands, the stables of the hunters get further growth. The raid boss Elegon is no longer identified as a mechanical creature in the latest PTR build 9.0, but is now considered a spirit beast and can thus be tamed by animal domination hunters.

The forthcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands brings a lot of adjustments and new content with it. Hunters in particular can look forward to it. Because they get a whole range of new creatures that they can tame and use as pets in battle. Of course, it fits well that the barn is being massively upgraded at the same time and can accommodate significantly more animals than before. In addition to the new animals that we find in Bastion, Maldraxxus, the Ardenwald and Revendreth, hunters also get access to another very special ghost beast.

WoW Shadowlands: Raidboss Elegon can be tamed as a spirit beast (1)

WoW Shadowlands: Raidboss Elegon can be tamed as a spirit beast (1)

Source: wowhead

From the pre-patch, which is currently playable on the PTR, animal domination hunters can tame the Raidboss Elegon and carry it with them as a pet. So far, the boss from the mogu'shan vault was classified as mechanical as it is part of the Nalakk machine. However, this has changed with PTR Patch 9.0. Elegon is now a spirit beast and as such can be tamed by animal lords. You don't have to take any special measures at the moment, you can just go and tame him. However, your character level should be high enough so that the ghostly cloud snake does not knock you down before you have tamed it.

As special skills, in addition to the Spiritual healing Elegon possesses the skills of the Cloud Serpents of the Cunning family: spurt, growl, Pathfinding, Call of the Master, bite and Speed ​​of the snake.

What special creatures that are currently untamed do you think developers should tackle next? Or to put it another way: Who would you like to have as a companion for your hunter?

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Source: wowhead

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