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According to a current Rainbow Six Year 5 Pass leak: Siege, there will be fewer new operators for the team shooter in the future. Ubisoft has already confirmed this in a statement. The creators would like to reveal detailed details at the Six Invitationals in February. In general, there will be major changes for the game in the future. So a new development team is now working on the title.

The Ubisoft team will soon announce a lot of new content for the tactical shooter for the coming months with the Rainbow Six: Siege 5 Year Pass. After the release of Update 4.2, a Reddit user has already been able to find the details of the new Season Pass. Accordingly, players with the Year 5 Pass have to adjust to a little less content than usual.

Among other things, there will be only six instead of eight operators this year. Passport owners will be granted access to the new characters seven days earlier as usual. In addition, players will probably have to forego their 600 credits, which were otherwise always part of the offer. So far it is still unclear whether Ubisoft may reduce the price for the upcoming Year 5 Pass somewhat.

It was also recently announced that the main Rainbow Six: Siege team (buy now for € 19.99) will deal with other projects in the future. The game is now supervised by a new team, which however consists of numerous developers who have already worked with the title in the past. Ubisoft has already commented on the leak in the Reddit forum. Accordingly, the studio would soon like to offer more content for all players such as events, reworks and new features. Further details will also be given during the upcoming "Six Invitational" esport competition in February.

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