Rainbow Six Siege reaches the 60 million mark

from André Linken
The tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege continues to swim on a big wave of success. As Ubisoft announced, it now has 60 million registered games – worldwide, of course. How many of them are currently active is not known.

Although the tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has been around for almost five years, it is still very popular. This is shown not least by the latest figures that the publisher Ubisoft recently presented in a financial report.

Accordingly, Rainbow Six Siege (buy now for € 19.99) now have more than 60 million registered players. This is not only a remarkable number in itself, but also means an increase of ten million players within less than a year. It was only in September 2019 that the tactical shooter reached the 50 million mark. However, Ubisoft has not revealed how many users are currently active.

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Also interesting: In the past quarter, the publisher posted a 26 percent increase in sales through micro transactions in Rainbow Six Siege. In addition, players completed over a billion sessions in the Tactical Shooter in the past fiscal year (ended March 31, 2020). Ubisoft also describes this as a considerable increase compared to the previous year, but without providing any further information.

In any case, the future of Rainbow Six Siege has been taken care of: Only recently there was the first teaser for the new operation "Steel Wave", which will not only bring additional operators, but will certainly also bring further innovations. However, a specific release date has not yet been set.

Source: Ubisoft

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Rainbow Six Siege now has 60 million registered players. (2) (Source: Ubisoft)

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Rainbow Six Siege: The new operation is called Steel Wave

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Rainbow Six: victories – Corona virus could affect further development

According to Ubisoft, the current corona crisis could also affect the future of Rainbow Six: Siege.

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