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The tactical first-person shooter Tam Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege has been available for PS4, Xbox One and PC since April 7, 2015. Since then, Ubisoft Montreal has been constantly developing the game, including adding new playable operators each season. In the course of this, familiar faces could soon join the roster.

Rainbow Six: Siege is now in its fifth year and recently the new operators for the second season were unveiled. As part of the new Operation Steelwave "Ace the attacker" and "Melusi the defender" will expand the tactical shooter's roster in the future. In an interview by DualShockers, the developers vaguely indicated that familiar Ubisoft characters could also be considered as new operators in the future.

In the occasion of the new season Interview conducted last week the game designer Jean-Baptiste Halle hesitated when asked which Ubisoft character he would like to take on. He answered vaguely, "Ah, that's a very interesting question. I think I have to fit in there. Honestly, there are a lot." He went on to say, "There are a lot of characters in Ubisoft's portfolio that would be a really interesting addition to our Rosters. Just keep an eye on the upcoming operators for this year and you might discover some interesting new people. That's all I have right now can say about that. "

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Of course, this is not a precise answer, but the game designer’s reluctance at least suggests that innovations are planned for the future. This conjecture confirms the somewhat more concrete statement by the producer, Eric Tremblay, who was asked the same question. "I'm a fan of Splinter Cell, so Sam Fisher would certainly be great (…) Ding Chavez is an interesting character from previous Rainbow Six games, but we don't have the rights to him. That would be the characters who probably best fit in the universe. " We can therefore be excited to see if we can fight our way through the tactical battles with known characters at some point.

Source: Dualshockers

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