Due to the massive problems that the last update for Red Dead Online, the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games decided to roll back Xbox One and PS4.

Problems about problems

The update is thus removed again while the developers work on a solution. As soon as everything runs smoothly, the update will be applied again. "We have reverted to the previous version on these platforms, which was originally released on July 28th. This should fix these recent issues and restore stability. In the meantime, we will continue to work on addressing any remaining issues through future updates to eliminate."

However, online gaming is currently struggling with other problems. The streamer Hazardous reported an event where a hacker ripped him out of an event to spawn him in the lobby, where he blew him up with other players. While this is annoying in and of itself, it happens a lot in Red Dead Online. The real problem was then revealed.

Because when Hazardous left the lobby and returned, it turned out that the cheater had assumed the identity of his character and wreaked havoc. "My hostility increased in the game and the game gave me XP for player kills. I quickly pressed Alt-F4 and stopped my stream," the streamer said.

The hacker then played the same game with another streamer. Swol explains, "About 40 minutes after my stream started, the hacker started attacking me under the name ThatDevilJames. He had cloned James' social club name and was using it in the lobby. After a while, the hacker started using the entire lobby spawn on me and then blow everyone up. It was indicated that I was the one who killed everyone and they blamed me for the hacks. "

Even switching to the PS4 version of Red Dead Online didn't really help, as the hacker subsequently carried out an attack on the streamer's internet connection. Apparently he somehow got his IP address.

The reason for this are probably gaps in Rockstar Games' security system. "Your account and personal information can be easily accessed because Rockstar Games' security systems for its online products are very flawed," said Hazardous. "With my account information and personal IP compromised, I was unable to do my work and had to get a brand new modem to get a different IP to avoid it."

Rockstar Games urgently needs to work not only on the updates for Red Dead Online, but also on the security system.

Source: VG247 / PCGamesN

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