Reading stock subscription with booklet + digital + voucher + buffed ad-free

from Susanne Braun
In the current crisis staying at home is a virtue, but it will certainly make it difficult for you to get the reading material you want. We have therefore started a new subscription offer with which you will not only receive the printed MMORE, but also the digital edition, ad-free reading on and an Amazon voucher as a bonus!

As of now, you will receive the printed edition including the digital edition for the completion of the reading stock subscription from PC Games MMORE, may read ad-free on and receive a Amazon voucher as a bonus.

PC Games MMORE reading stock subscription: booklet + digital + ad-free on
So if you order the classic magazine subscription, there are digital issues. You not only get the complete issue as a PDF in the Computec shop, but also the output via the MMORE app (iOS, Android) on your mobile phone or tablet. After activation, you can read free of external advertising material and get access to the PDF archive of the buffed editions.

The buffed PDF archive

The buffed PDF archive

Source: Buffed

Reading stock:

  • All monthly editions print
  • All monthly editions digital (PDF, apps)
  • Surf ad-free
  • Amazon voucher

PC Games MMORE reading stock subscription with booklet + digital + Amazon voucher + buffed ad-free 75.00

The subscription has a term of twelve months. If you opt for a longer term, you will also receive different premiums. Check out our subscription shop. You can of course also comfortably there individual issues of all Computec magazines to order.

Important: It is also planned that all current subscribers will have access to the digital editions of PC Games MMORE. In the coming days and weeks, the appropriate course will be set here so that existing print subscribers can access this service. Anyone who has previously had a combination subscription will also receive the service in the future at no extra charge! We ask for your patience until our service provider has made the necessary changes.

And: Even with the PCGH colleagues and the PC games there is now a reading stock: print and digital are also growing together as a subscription.

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