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There’s news from Shirdi Briceño’s WoW portfolio! Instead of recreating cities and areas in the Unreal Engine, the talented artist has specialized in character design and creation with Zbrush. A few days ago we had already looked at their designs for troll, draenei, ogre and goblin heroes. Today we’re taking a look at more cool, realistic models. There are pictures of blood elves, undead, tauren and a dwarf.

Patch 9.1 for WoW: Shadowlands is still a long time coming. After you worry about the release of the first major Shadowlands update has done, a time window for the start of the PTR has now been set. The first updates should be played on the test server in about two weeks. So it’s good that many WoW fans use the long waiting time to work on all kinds of fantastic projects. For example, there are realistic replicas of the cities, settlements and areas in Azeroth and Outland. It’s amazing how alive Word of Warcraft in Unreal Engine 4 works!

But the game world does not only live through its flora and fauna. There are also the countless NPCs and of course our heroes, the WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) populate and bring the game to life. 3D artist Shirdi Briceño dared to take on a special challenge and designed it exceptionally realistic models of Draka, Tyrande and a strong ogron. On top of that there were pictures of troll, draenei, ogre and goblin heroes. Today we present you their latest 3D creations. This time we see a blood elf demon hunter, an undead, a beefy tauren and an injured dwarf.

The artwork was modeled in Zbrush and rendered in Maya. According to his own statement, Shirdi Briceño has two years of experience in classical sculpture. You can really see that in the models! Come and visit Shirdi’s Instagram page and find out for yourself which projects the artist is currently working on.

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