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The Combat Beta of the role-playing game Realms Beyond should have started in January. The development team now explained that a little more time is needed.

The rollplay Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in late 2018 and promises to be a classic RPG gaming experience with turn-based battles and an epic story. A combat beta should have appeared in January 2020 for some of the supporters. But the deadline could not be met.

A little update on the interesting RPG

The German developer studio Ceres Games is working flat out to complete the Combat Beta. However, this offers much more than fights, but basically gives an insight into the entire game. You will experience a small story including character creation, NPCs, quests, traders and of course battles. This will be the first impression players get from the RPG and the team wants this impression to be as positive as possible. That's why you take a few weeks more to optimize this gaming experience. An exact date for the release of the Combat beta from Realms Beyond has not yet been given, but it should be in February.

The team also featured new screenshots from the Combat Beta and the world map of the game on the Kickstarter website. This reveals that you can explore a lot. Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen wants to offer a classic RPG gaming experience. You travel the world in a similar way to the Nordland trilogy of The Black Eye using a map, you then explore special areas and cities from an isometric perspective similar to Baldur's Gate and the battles take place in rounds. It is not yet clear whether the planned release can be kept this year.

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