Paranormal Activity is one of the most profitable movies of all time, so the news that a new film is in the works should come as no surprise. With a micro-budget and viral marketing by the production company Blumhouse, director and writer Oren Peli and financier Jason Blum generated a worldwide box office of 193 million with part one – and a modern classic – from an estimated under 250,000 dollars (pure production costs: 15,000 dollars). Probably no film from the 2000s was copied, imitated or expanded as often as the found footage trendsetter from 2009.

Paramount secured the franchise rights to Paranormal Activity before the release (buy now € 5.99 ) and after the massive success of the first part soon produced a new offshoot every year. The series then quickly developed into a Halloween institution and with each additional offshoot washed millions in sales into the pockets of the consciously thrifty production companies and filmmakers.

After initially still good reviews – probably also for the relatively unique approach and the ingenious marketing campaign in which interested horror fans were asked to urge their cinemas to show the film – the sequels were quickly seen by the trade press as cheaply produced and listless off-the-shelf goods identified.

The sixth and so far last part of the series, The Ghost Dimension, was released in 2015 and was largely only received with a tired yawn. In 2019, information leaked to the public for the first time, according to which a seventh film was being planned. This was originally supposed to appear this year, according to a recent report by the Hollywood Reporter, but the release has been postponed to March 4, 2022. In addition, the new offshoot is said to be a reboot of the franchise.

Christopher Landon, one of the series' regular authors, is to contribute the script, while Underwater director and franchise newcomer Will Eubank takes over the direction. Original director Peli and Jason Blum are serving as producers. The way the franchise is supposed to restart is supposed to be according to insiders "surprised" fail.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter,Box Office Mojo

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