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Red Dead Online doesn't have it as easy as GTA Online. The great success has simply not yet materialized. This is due, among other things, to the frequent disconnects and the open PvP that prevails in the game world. Now something has changed.

Finally alone in Red Dead Online

Instead of having to suffer disconnects in the game, which can sometimes lead to loss of progress, players now report that they are seamlessly shipped into solo lobbies. This can be recognized by a small message in the top left corner of the game. Oddly enough, Red Dead Online, the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 (buy now € 17.99 /€ 39.99 ), actually doesn't have any solo lobbies at all. At least it is not possible to consciously select them – even though the players have been calling for private lobbies for a long time. There are not just a few players who wish they could only play with friends, as it can be annoying to be constantly attacked or annoyed by other players. For this reason there are already mods with which it is possible to play in a private lobby. Players are currently not angry at all that they are stuck in solo lobbies.

Rockstar Games has not yet commented on plans to introduce an option one day so that players can choose whether they want to be in a public or private lobby of Red Dead Online. In any case, the demand for such a feature is great. Red Dead Online is actually intended as a social experience in which you also meet unfamiliar players. It is therefore unclear whether Rockstar Games even wants to introduce private lobbies.

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