Rockstar Games has innovations for Red Dead Online ready. Before the weekend, the developers had added new legendary animals for the online part of the western action. Since then, naturalists have discovered legendary red stripe and midnight coyotes. The red stripe coyote can be found on the cliffs and barren plains of Pike's Basin. The midnight coyote, however, has been sighted south of Strawberry. In addition, it is worth paying a visit to the Gus trapper shop. The red stripe and midnight coats, which are made from the parts of the corresponding coyotes, are new. A coat is even free if you bring a coyote's fur to Gus, which also unlocks the Babin hat.

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New outfits can also be identified in the catalog of Wheeler, Rawson and Co.: The Daventry jacket, the Blackgrave coat, the Hinxman hat, the Filera hat, the Penstock trousers, the Corrales shirt and the Molina blouse permanently available in the catalog of Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. All players who have tracked down and hunted all legendary animals in Harriet's sighting missions will also receive a free horse up to rank 40. Bounty hunters and traders in turn receive 50 percent bonus RDO dollars and a discount of five gold bars on the bounty hunter license and the slaughter table. (buy now for 19.49 €)

In addition, there is a discount of 30 percent on all bounty hunter and dealer outfits, horses, weapon variants, the bounty hunter and hunting car, as well as on all rifles (except the elephant killer). Players who dial into Red Dead Online by September 21 will receive a 30 percent discount on naturalist items and a revolver, free stun ammunition, free pheromones from a legendary animal, and a free skill card.

New naturalists get a free accessory, outfit or emote, the double Farnholme cartridge belt in a unique color for completing an animal sighting mission, the Gilatier flag for your camp for stunning and sampling, and a free treasure map for buying a wilderness camp. There are also current bonuses at Prime Gaming, including the Katata coat, five free pheromones of legendary animals, 6,000 naturalist XP and a free wilderness camp.

Via Rockstar Games

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