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Rockstar Games reports a "record-breaking Christmas season" in Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5. GTA Online thus recorded the strongest month in terms of player numbers after the release of the Casino Heist in December 2019. Red Dead Online also had a record high. As a thank you to the players, the developers have put together attractive gifts. In GTA 5 Online, for example, you pocket 2 million GTA dollars. Among other things, Red Dead Online players get free access to certain roles. We summarize the details in the article.

Rockstar Games announces a "record breaking Christmas season" Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5, According to the developers, GTA Online had the strongest month in terms of player numbers in December 2019 after the release of the Casino Heist. Red Dead Online also hit a record high in December 2019, according to Rockstar Games, "which was even exceeded in January 2020". The developers do not give absolute numbers. In addition, 2019 was the most successful year for GTA 5 in terms of video views on YouTube.

"The period between December 30th and January 5th was the best week ever," writes Rockstar Games. "Given two different lively and flourishing worlds, we are very fortunate to have such a passionate fan base to accompany us on this journey. The two worlds will continue to grow and evolve in the coming year through new gameplay, new stories and much more "the developers say. As a thank you, Rockstar Games distributes attractive gifts to all players of GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Free money for GTA 5 Online, gifts for Red Dead Online

In GTA 5 Online you can expect the largest monetary gift to date with a cash bonus of up to 2,000,000 GTA dollars. Starting January 30, you can pocket GTA $ 1,000,000 if you enter the online world by February 5. If you play between February 6th and 12th, you will get another million GTA dollars for free.

Red Dead Online players can also look forward to gifts. Those who play between January 28th and February 3rd secure the free Schofield revolver, a free Varmint rifle and the devastating ammunition package with 100x splinter ammunition for revolvers, 100x high-speed ammunition for pistols, 100x express ammunition for repeating rifles, 100 shotgun rounds and 20x explosive ammunition for rifles. On the other hand, if you enter the online world from February 4th to 10th, you will get the bounty hunter license for free, as well as 25 bolas and 25 pursuit arrows. (buy now for € 24.99)

2020: Preview of new content

The developers Red Dead Online and GTA 5 want to expand this year again with additional content. Next up for GTA Online is an open-wheel racing series with new vehicle types – with track-based high-speed races. "In addition, you can expect more major updates and some surprises throughout the year," promises Rockstar Games. The world of Red Dead Online should also continue to grow in 2020. "The concept of Frontier Pursuits is expanded with new roles, new missions and many other significant updates," writes Rockstar Games.

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