Red Dead Redemption 2: New update causes many problems – Game updates

from Andreas Bertits
The latest update for Red Dead Online, the online mode of the Western game Red Dead Redemption 2, has brought some problems. Among other things, players report that they can no longer even shoot.

Do you currently have so many problems in Red Dead Online? Since the last update, reports from players in the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 that it is hardly possible to play properly have been increasing.

RDO is full of glitches

It started with strange behavior from horses, which is now spreading. Horses suddenly disappear under the rider, they float in the air without moving, fly through the area or you drive around in burning carriages and ram a train that appears out of nowhere. In addition, animals should no longer respawn and some players report that they can no longer fire their weapons.

This goes so far that RDO is allegedly almost no longer playable. Many of the bugs and glitches are of course hilarious to watch, but of course they are frustrating in the game. Since there is currently no reaction from Rockstar Games regarding these bugs, the most curious theories are already circulating in the community.

Allegedly, there is a mysterious character walking around the game who some believe is a hacker who is responsible for all of the problems in the game. But that has not yet been confirmed. However, the reports are piling up around this person who apparently behaves like a ghost and can even become invisible.

Red Dead Online players hope that Rockstar Games will react to the bug reports and publish a patch soon. However, it is not yet clear when this will happen. Until then, it's time to live with the bugs and glitches and have fun with them instead of just getting excited.

Source: Polygon

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