Red Dead Redemption 2: new update for RDO – these are the advantages & rewards – up to date

of David Martin
Rockstar Games releases a new update for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. This week, too, the online world beckons with new content, rewards and activities. In Red Dead Online you will bag numerous XP boosts and bonuses in the coming days. Last Stand also has a new series with free targets. Bounty hunters, traders and collectors will also receive more experience points and role XP. In the article we summarize the details of the new Red Dead Online Update.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online players will get access to a new content update. In a recent blog entry, Rockstar Games presents the changes and innovations this week. For example, XP bonuses for role events in free roam await players. Bounty hunters, traders, and collectors entering the Red Dead Online game world this week will get 25 percent more XP and Role XP when they tackle one of the role-specific Free Roam events. In-game events include settlement day, crime hunt, trade route, condor egg and salvage.

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In addition, after the update, Red Dead Online offers XP rewards for role activities in the "Benefits" section of the break menu. "Regardless of whether you have just started one of the activities in the border country or are already well on your way to achieving the status of 'recognized' – you will receive a bonus of 2000 role XP for each of the special roles," Rockstar Games said , More details about the missions can be found on the Rockstar website, Last week, Last Stand is also a new series with free targets. Last Stand is available through January 20 through the Elimination Series.

You also bag new advantages in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. This time there is a 30 percent discount on the price of a rifle from the local gunsmith or from the catalog of Wheeler, Rawson and Co. PlayStation Plus members receive a free color variant of the Leavitt jacket. In addition, the costs of the slaughter table, the bounty hunter license and the collector's bag are each reduced by five gold bars. Twitch Prime members will continue to receive the collector's bag "for free". This also applies to the improvement of the polished copper still.

Rockstar concludes: "All qualified players who verified their social club email address last week and set up two-step verification for their account will receive a five gold bar discount on the Outlaw as a reward under the Benefits section -Pass # 2 as well as reel items for bounty hunters, traders and collectors. " (buy now for € 24.99)

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