Red Dead Redemption 2 player discovers detail that's TOO realistic

Red Dead Redemption 2 is and has always been a little creepy in terms of realism in the game: I remember a moment when an NPC scared away after fleeing a deer next to him. Hey, I didn't know you were really reacting to it! And it seems like there is still something we don't know about RDR2.

I love the AI ​​in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are NPCs that tie up other NPCs and take them with them on their horses, and there are animals that follow their own routines in the steppes and forests of the Wild Wild West RPG. When I played Rockstars blockbuster for release, it did me now and then forget that it's just a game. Well, Rockstar is probably still working with patches and updates to fine-tune the NPC and mob AI, and the world of RDR2 more real to design.

A realistic detail has now discovered a player, and even recorded on video. It is not entirely clear whether the behavior shown by roebuck has always been integrated into the game, because this is the first time I see this:

Amazing detail: bucks got tangled while sparring, one is dead. When this happens in the wild, they will normally starve. from reddeadredemption2

Some animals also hunt or fight other animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, and have been since the game's release. That roebucks not only compete for their territory and sometimes kill themselves, but themselves hook her dead antlers to dead comrades – that is new. At least in the game, because in reality Bucks happens every now and then; however, they can rarely free themselves. They often starve on the spot, like Redditor PPLovee in the post above.

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Well, if that's not attention to detail? Hats off for a game that even 2 years after release weird gimmicks and easter eggs can attend that are not there at all would have to – but there are, and hidden on the map of Red Dead Redemption 2 just waiting to be discovered by an attentive player.