Red Dead Redemption 2: Update 1.20 available – naturalists, 250 bug fixes & PS4 gifts – up-to-date

Rockstar Games presents the new one Update 1.20 for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online before – the update is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The developers report the changes and innovations in the patch notes. The highlights include the new special role as a naturalist. You explore different areas, encounter new legendary animals and use your research to learn new skills or improve resources. As a naturalist, for example, you work with the conservationist Harriet Davenport to give her special samples of the animals – and bag a reward.

Alternatively, you can work with big game hunter Gus Macmillan, who makes new clothing from the animals – he has no interest in protecting species. He also has unique items with special advantages in stock. But be careful: Harriet gets to the point of poaching should you try to benefit from both parties. You meet Gus and Harriet at the Welcome Center in Strawberry. In the new animal field book, you document your results as a naturalist in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. (buy now for € 18.51)

The more you advance in the compendium, the more items, skills and gameplay possibilities you unlock. Among other things included: a new horse breed for naturalists, new clothing and accessories. New are tonics for weight loss and weight gain as well as animal awakeners. You will also learn the Mercy Strike skill and can set up a wilderness camp. Together with Ms. Davenport, you are trying to stop the spread of nefarious poachers by raiding the camp and freeing animals in captivity.

During your activities as a naturalist you will encounter legendary animals, including pumas, foxes, wild boars, beavers, wolves, bison and wapitis. In the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog, on the other hand, you will discover an improved camera that allows more freedom of movement and has new filters. There are also new weapons like the elephant slayer.

Red Dead Online: Trailer for the great natural history update

Outlaw Pass 3 for Red Dead Online

As a naturalist, you explore the wildlife of Red Dead Online.

As a naturalist, you explore the wildlife of Red Dead Online.

Source: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games also announces that the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club and Outlaw Pass are returning, offering additional items to unlock. Those who purchase Outlaw Pass 3 for Red Dead Online receive up to 40 gold bars as well as a selection of offers and rewards, such as exclusive outfits, weapon adjustments, camp improvements, the Australian Shepherd as a camp dog and much more. The new Outlaw Pass is available until October 19 and offers 80 ranks to unlock.

"The Naturalist also offers new general and role-specific daily challenges, new awards, new clothing, hairstyles, hair accessories, emotes and the option of storing cooked meat in the object wheel," says Rockstar Games. Have a look in Story Mode: A weapon case has been added to your warehouse, allowing Arthur to remove selected weapons from the weapon wheel.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Update 1.20 also contains more than 250 bug fixes and several balancing optimizations. With the patch, the developers tackle the problems with spawning the camp and animals, for example, and incorporate improvements in player search and team selection in showdown lobbies. The patch notes have Rockstar Games in Support area of ​​his website released.

Rewards for naturalists

Until August 3, naturalists will receive double payouts for samples of legendary Tier 3 animals and for sales of entire carcasses. Anyone who takes on the role of a naturalist receives a free accessory, outfit or emote. If you take a sample from an animal, you will receive the Gilatier flag for your camp. Those who set up a wilderness camp can look forward to a free treasure map. There are also 2,000 Naturkundler XP, free stunning ammunition and 30 percent discounts on a revolver.

Benefits and gifts for PS4 and Twitch Prime

Players on PS4 can look forward to special bonuses. Five animal awakeners, five camouflage tonic and ten stun ammunition await as gifts. Early access bonuses include the legendary chalk horn ram, the Woodcote poncho and five camouflage tonics. Members of Twitch Prime again get free access to the katata coat and three rewards for the naturalist. Including: 6,000 Naturkundler XP, five free pheromones of legendary animals, a free wilderness camp and discounts on camp dogs, tents and more.

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