Refunds for pre-buyers now possible

from Matthias Brückle
The postponement of WoW Shadowlands throws up the plans of some players who had been counting on the release in late October. Anyone who wants can apply for a reimbursement immediately and claim back the money already paid.

With the announcement of a deferred release date for WoW Shadowlands, those responsible at Blizzard have made friends and foes. While many WoW players applaud the developers having more time to let Shadowlands start up in better shape, many are also frustrated. Because they have partly reserved vacation days for the launch of the expansion, which they can no longer change less than a month before the planned release. In this case, the desire for a refund for the purchased game is not surprising. This is exactly what is possible from now on.

Blizzard email about reimbursement for Shadowlands Edition already paid for

On Reddit, the enterthedragonpunch player shared their email regarding Blizzard's offer. In this, the developers explain that they want to use the additional time to improve the entire experience and give the endgame more fine-tuning. While they believe it will bring even more fun to the expansion for gamers, they understand the potential for disappointment. If you haven't received an email like enterthedragonpunch yet, it could be because you have an EU account. It is also possible that the mails are not sent to all players at the same time.

How do I get my Shadowlands money back? If you have paid Shadowlands in advance, you can contact support to request a refund. Just go for it to the official Blizzard Support page.

If Shadowlands is refunded to you, it will of course ensure that you no longer have access to features that the pre-purchase of the expansion brought you. For example, if you have used a booster for a character, it will no longer be playable until you have used another booster. Exclusive mounts and skins are then also missing.

How exactly the reimbursement will affect the used playing time of the Epic Edition is not yet entirely clear. It is possible that the money for the game time will not be refunded – but this is only a guess.

Will you have Shadowlands refunded? Can you use the money for something else in November? Let us know your thoughts on the Shadowlands refund in the comments!

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