Regigigas stays in ex-raids until the beginning of January

from Sara Petzold
Now that Regigigas has replaced the legendary Pokémon Mewtu in the ex-raids of Pokémon GO as boss, there is now new information on how long Regigigas is expected to be for players in ex-raids.

Recently, coaches who received a corresponding ex-raid invitation from Niantic meet the Pokémon Regigigas in ex-raids, This applies to all invitations that the developers have sent since November 9, 2019. All other invitations were still for the legendary Pokémon Mewtu. This Regigigas is available for the first time in ex-raids, after players already the Pokémon in the context of special research "A colossal discovery" could meet.

Meanwhile, there is also new information about how long Regigigas remains as a boss in ex-raids. Pokemongohub reports a message from SerebiiAccording to The Pokémon Company has confirmed the end date for the Regigigas ex-raids. According to Serebii, coaches will be able to fight and capture the legendary Pokémon in ex-raids until January 7, 2020.

Currently it is still unclear which Pokémon will follow on Regigigas after this relatively short ex-raid phase. Some Pokémon GO fans are currently speculating on Arceus, a legendary fourth-generation Pokémon of the Normal type, which according to legend is said to have created the Sinnoh region. Arceus has a base CP of 237 in Pokémon GO, a base attack value of 238, and a base defense value of 238.

In addition, some players suspect that Regigigas may find his way back into play later than the Tier 5 raid boss once the ex-raid phase is completed. What do you think about that? Do you want Regigigas as Tier 5 Raidboss? Or do you think that Niantic would be offended by players who paid for the special research "A Colossal Discovery"? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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