The Elder Scrolls 6 has repeatedly felt the cauldron of the rumor mill here and there, the first teaser for the game hit us without warning in 2018 – and then? Nothing. On Reddit, an alleged Bethesda employee has leaked a wall of information about TES6, the release, story, and other supposed rumors.

The Elder Scrolls 6 floats so foggy in the distant, distant future that fans get the official one Reddit for the game called "TES6: Mountains of Mysteries". In these mountains of mysteries, we too are now walking, dear dragon-borns and heroes of Kvatch: A few hours ago, Bethesda Reddit took place big leak to TES6 released by an entire battalion About The Elder Scrolls 6 includes – and a few References to Starfield, Bethesda's other project.

If you want to read a bedtime story, take a look at the Posted by Redditor ToddIsMyMom (and yes, I am aware that the name does not inspire confidence). The person does not reveal their name for obvious reasons, but explains that if they reveal their identity, they may be working closely with Bethesda and lose their job. However, the way she writes suggests that she is directly involved in the development.

Nevertheless, I would like to point out that the following information can be completely made up – make your own judgment.

The Elder Scrolls 6: Leaked info about location, story, gameplay and release

All information comes from one Leak on Reddit. Since there are so many details, I will collect them for you in a list. Here we go:


The official teaser from 2018 shows the island of Yokuda according to the leak:

  • Locations are Hochfels, Hammer skin and Yokuda
  • The teaser above shows Yokuda
    • Note d. Author: Yokuda is the home continent of the Redwardons, which sank partly in the sea. Almost nothing is known about Yokuda that could make it a fascinating show.
  • Hochfels is a mystical realm whose quests revolve around political intrigue and new achievements in magic
    • Note d. Author: Makes sense because Hochfels is the home of the magical Breton
  • Yokuda's swordsinger will not matter
  • Political tensions between hammer skin and high rock
  • The main quest is about the Adamant Tower on the island of Balfiera in the Iliac Bay
    • Note d. Author: The Adamant Tower is said to be the oldest structure in all of Tamriel; also called original tower or tower zero
  • The Adamant Tower is still operational and is occupied by the Thalmor
  • Hammerfall is – however – in great danger due to the machinations of the Thalmor in the Adamant Tower
  • More focus on guilds
    • More and longer quests that should be more interesting
  • Thieves Guild: Will probably come back, but should become more "Robin Hood-like" again
  • Dark Brotherhood: Returns and regains influence
  • Fighters guild: Returns, but struggles to survive
  • Mages Guild: No longer exists, but magicians try to unite
  • Vampire guilds come again
    • Different types of vampires
      • Vampires who strive for power and can turn into vampire lords
      • Vampires with a focus on blood magic
      • Vampires that focus on stealth


  • Random content generation only happens with endless quests
    • Examples: child of a family is kidnapped or thieves steal family heirlooms from houses
  • NPCs have "radiant AI"
    • AI is evolving, the NPCs have jobs and spend their money in various ways – for example, by spending it in the nearest tavern, taking care of their pets, buying clothes, or giving something to their partner
    • Implied: NPCs have a moral system and can be prone to crime if they run out of money
    • Experience with NPCs should be unique
    • Quest-bound NPCs are more static, for obvious reasons
  • World should completely without loading screens work, apart from dungeons, the player’s home, and fast travel
  • Loading in front of the player's home is only because many players collect extremely many items during their travels
  • Decorate your house will be a lot easier
  • The Magic system will be completely revised
    • Inspired by mods like Phendrix
    • Spells can be created again
    • Levitation is coming back
    • Lots of new spells that can change reality (change) or influence NPCs (illusion)
    • Restoration is based on Dark Souls' miracles
    • Sunlight as a magic that causes damage
  • Crafting system is based on Fallout 4
    • Weapons can be specialized: swords can be made longer or shorter
    • Armor can also be specialized in detail

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  • Title is The Elder Scrolls 6: Redfall
  • Hochfels is used by Mark Jones' Battlespire inspired
  • genre: Medieval fantasy in a unique style
  • DLCs are not planned yet


  • Guess is November 2025

Starfield: Trailer after before the E3

Redditor ToddIsMyMom has also said a few words about Starfield, indicating that a teaser should spill over the Bethesda Twitter account before E3 2020. I summarize for you the little information that he has also lost about Starfield:

  • Several Alien racesthat you can meet and interact with
  • Interesting queststhat often turn out to be something completely different from what was initially thought
  • RPG mechanics are built in such a way that yours Skills build actually becomes important
  • 70-120 hours of play
  • There are Fractions and companion such as Companion quests

That’s it. For more details you should take a look at the Reddit post throw. We are unlikely to find out soon whether the information is correct – at least as far as The Elder Scrolls 6 is concerned. However, one thing can be said: if it is true what has been leaked here about TES6, we can look forward to a very fascinating game.

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The Elder Scrolls 6: Development is probably an important step

Message from January 21, 2020, 5:01 p.m. – from Jasmin Peukert

Vacancies are a good sign because it means that developers are working hard on a project. As is currently the case with Bethesda. It is possible that this is The Elder Scrolls 6 and that production will make a good leap forward when the advertised positions are filled.

So far, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim marks one for Bethesda milestonethat has been fun for players to this day. Skyrim is one of them nine years after its release on the top games the industry. Bethesda's Todd Howard is hoping for a similar one in the sixth part longevity – that means a lot of work.

Now you know them all.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Bethesda is hiring

The studio currently has two places open that should be filled as soon as possible. On the one hand, Bethesda is looking for someone who "works on the implementation of new gameplay functions: behavior of players and characters, combat and punch mechanics and user interface". In addition, it is desired that one be able to repeat gameplay functions a great gaming experience to ensure.

The second digit refers to an experienced one Video editorwho is able to record and edit 4K game footage. That could mean that Bethesda is currently on one Trailer is working.

It is not certain whether this is really The Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield. Rumor has it that Starfield is a launch title for the Xbox Series X, so there is a possibility. Nevertheless, The Elder Scrolls 6 is under development and will once again draw fans into an exciting world when it is released. Are you looking forward to it?